How outbound personalization has changed in 2024

Feb 1, 2024

“Personalization” for outbound has really evolved in the last 10 years.

🦖 2015 — personalization based on demographic data

Hello {first name}!
Saw you worked as a {role} at {company name}.

🔥 2020 — personalization based on company data

Saw you were hiring two new reps {event based}
Saw this quarter’s commitment towards increasing retention {financial information based}

👩🏻💻 2024 — personalization based on lead specific data

Saw you posted about about shortening sales cycles {online activity based}
Saw you attended CES in Vegas recently {offline activity based}
Saw your publication on the impact of AI on outbound {interest based}

Volume based outreach has exhausted potential buyers.

Just knowing a lead’s name isn’t good enough anymore. Potential buyers want to see that sales people have invested time in learning about them and their problems before even considering a response.

Do your messages make the cut? (Hint: if your response rate is less than 2% then probs not. Mine is at 9% using Rocketbrew🍄)