trusted by 100+ companies
trusted by 100+ companies

Our generative AI model books more calls directly into your calendar.

No more boring templates, wondering what to say, or endless follow ups.

A completely automated end-to-end solution.

Our system handles the entire interaction with your lead - from initial outreach, to conversing, to scheduling a meeting into your calendar. Plus in-app lead sourcing and CRM integration.

Stop with the "Saw you work at {company name}" templates.

Our generative AI model connects the dots on your lead's profile and online activity to craft a hyper-personalized and relevant message for each lead, including follow ups.

Not just an AI model, but your AI model.

Easily tune the model with your own product description and value proposition without any code.

3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile

Get setup in 5 minutes.

No complicated integrations or engineering resources needed.

Securely connect your entire GTM stack

Rocketbrew integrates with your existing systems as an all-in-one outbound solution.

Source leads and add product information

The model reaches out to 500+ cold leads each month through organic connections. Each message and follow up is uniquely generated and paced out.

Go straight to the meeting

Easily review the conversation history for context and skip straight to the meeting.

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Rocketbrew does it

"Rocketbrew has been a great help to our small commercial team, saving us significant time in prospecting customers."
- Zack Raborn, BD at Ansa Bio

Before Rocketbrew, I was using a templated automation tool. I would get lots of connections but the tricky part was always getting the conversation going. Rocketbrew's personalized messages are the difference between sales activity and sales outcomes.

"I never respond to outreach
but I responded to Rocketbrew."

I heard about Rocketbrew from an outreach message from the team. It was by far the best cold outreach message I had ever received, and I didn't believe it was written by AI. Now, I've fine-tuned Rocketbrew to my own use cases, and letting the tool do its magic.

Javier Luraschi
CEO, Hal9

"Night and day difference between Rocketbrew and templated messages."

Before Rocketbrew, I focused on prioritizing volume by sending templated messages, but I would send thousands with few responses. With Rocketbrew, I can maintain a level of personalization and creative touch with every message I send. It's honestly like having 3 extra players on my team to help craft genuine messages.

Peter Jurisic
CEO, Budee

"If you can close calls,
but struggle to open them,
you need Rocketbrew."

Reaching out to Fortune 500 companies is not easy. My team can close calls no problem, but getting our foot through the door was where we needed help and Rocketbrew has stepped in big time. We've gotten over 30 conversations in a month with Fortune 500 decision makers, all of them initiated by Rocketbrew's hyper-personalized and well-researched messaging.

Amit Hasak
CEO, Transship

"Scale your outreach
without having to scale your team."

The best tool for managing your team's outbound. With Rocketbrew, I can manage our entire team's accounts to scale our outreach, easily sending messages and responses from multiple accounts within one platform. The personalization can also be tuned per account, making the messages stand out and saving me soooooo much time.

Chris Richa
BD, Studio

Accelerate your outbound, without adding headcount.

Build pipeline
Add up to 15 incremental calls per rep, each month.
Drive engagement
Convert 33% of connections to conversations.
Expand capacity
Save up to 168 hours per rep, each month.

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