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Embedded AI sales agent
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Automated leads list generation
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3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
For Marketing Teams
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
For Agencies
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile

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What is your pricing?

Our pricing is a consumption-based model based off credits. 1 credit = 1 sequence of messages to send to 1 contact. Each sequence will contain an initial outreach message, followed by at least 3 follow up messages, all of which are automatically generated and sent on your behalf!

How do AI generated messages outperform templated or hand written messages?

Every Rocketbrew message is uniquely generated for the lead. This takes into account individual level buying signals such as their online activity and posts and matches it with your product or service's use cases and value propositions.

Rocketbrew automates the research required to write a highly personalized and relevant message, at scale.

What is a sequence?

A sequence is a set of messages generated to the same lead. Our sequences typically follow the flow of 1 initial outreach message, and 3 follow up messages sent at scheduled intervals.

What is required to get started?

For LinkedIn outreach, a premium LinkedIn account or Sales Navigator subscription is required to hit the send limits.

For email outreach, a Gmail inbox is required for us to send from on your behalf.

Are there any restrictions on send volume?

For LinkedIn outreach, each user can send 400 LinkedIn connection invites with hyper-personalized notes each month. This is the same as the LinkedIn send limits.

For email outreach, each user can send 800 emails each month, split across 200 per week. This is set up on purpose to protect your domain and focus on higher-quality content.

Can I add team members to my account?

Yes, you can invite additional members to your team within the platform. They will each get 100 free credits and automatically have your model settings copied over. Each team will share one pool of credits.

You can also toggle to other team member's accounts to send and converse on their behalf without access to their LinkedIn accounts once on-boarded.

How are analytics tracked?

Rocketbrew tracks outreaches sent, connections and conversations by team member and campaign.

What model inputs are used?

The model takes into account your product or service's value proposition, use cases, buying signals, competitors and more. This data is used to give context to the model to generate high quality messages.

Rocketbrew pre-fills this information when you onboard so you can review, tweak and start sending messages in under 10 minutes.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - We will get back to you at the earliest.

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