What's the future of outbound in 2024?

Jan 4, 2024

When it comes to outreach, here’s what I’m predicting for 2024 in the sales world (999% backed by stats and science of course):

🔮 SDRs will need to do more and more to cut through the noise of volume based outbound.

More personalization, more WOW factor, more research. If my eyes don’t light up at your subject line, I’m not opening it!

🔮 AEs will take on more outbound work, pushing them to look for new tools to automate.

New year, new tools!

🔮 VP of Sales will partner with marketing more closely than ever before.

With lead specific personalization, the lines between Marketing and Sales will blur more than ever.

🔮 CRO will formulate an AI strategy aimed at bringing down the cost of acquisition without risking pipeline.

“You get an AI strategy and you get an AI strategy! Look under your seats, everyone gets an AI strategy!”

🔮 75% of fake Zoom background users (including the blurred backgrounds) will finally drop their backdrops and show us their real selves.

It’s about time!

What do you think? Want to place bets?