What should a cold outreach message include?

Feb 6, 2024


Today’s lesson → The Anatomy of a LinkedIn MessageLet’s break down the 4 key components of a converting LinkedIn message.

1. The Opener 👋
Capture your lead’s attention. This is like a subject line. The only purpose is for them to accept your connection request.

2. The Research 👃
Sniff sniff. Show them you spent time learning about them and the reason if you’ve identified them to be a good fit.

3. The One-liner 🧠
Tell them what you do in one sentence. Use your brain! It’s gotta be written so clearly that even your grandmother could get by it!

4. The Close 👄
The end of the night smooch. Use a soft call to action. Leave it in your lead’s hands if they want to start a conversation. This is not the place to dump in a meeting link!

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