What B2B sales can learn from B2C sales

Mar 26, 2024

Years ago, when I worked at Procter & Gamble, I was shocked that vendors paid tens of thousands of dollars for grocery store flyers. 💸 It was the same flyer across many cities and different buying personas.

But it paid out because of distribution. A lot like sending templated cold emails.

Nowadays we see retailers personalizing digital offers for specific buyers based on their buying data (AKA "individual level data").

So everybody can get a unique offer based on their purchase history, which is much higher converting than a standard flyer.

This is the same reason deeply personalized outbound messages perform much better than templated messages!

--> B2B sales often lags behind B2C sales in innovation.

What’s the reason in this case? Data. 📈

Outbound teams have been focused on company level data for personalization. Think: company size, geography, business model. What if we had person level data - just like the grocery stores?

How would that shift our focus from distribution (ie. sending volume) to sending high quality, thoughtful, non-spammy messages? 🚀