Should you use LinkedIn as an outreach channel?

Feb 29, 2024

I go on over 35 new sales calls every month. 🏋

Here are the top objections from sales leaders that aren’t using LinkedIn to grow pipeline AND how I bounce back → (warning: going to flex how cool Rocketbrewis):

🥊 “My audience isn’t active on LinkedIn.”
✨ Rocketbrew will filter out leads that are inactive — meaning a low number of connections, little to no post activity or open to work.

🥊 “LinkedIn is hard to measure.”
✨ Rocketbrew tracks outreach, connection and conversation rates, rates over time, by campaign and by sender.

🥊 “LinkedIn hasn’t traditionally led to any successful deals.”
✨ What gets measured gets worked on! Most sales leaders don’t track their rep’s LinkedIn activity. Ad hoc sending in small batches is unlikely to beat out other channels that are closely monitored

🥊 “LinkedIn doesn’t work.”
✨ Most reps are sending Inmail to their leads. Rocketbrew sends organic connections — which have a higher response rate and allow reps to build their networks over time.

Across Rocketbrew, users typically see a 2x response rate on LinkedIn vs templated emails. Why? No deliverability issues + each message is uniquely personalized for every single lead. 💪