Should you send empty connection requests on LinkedIn for cold outreach

Feb 27, 2024

To add a note… or not to add a note…

To add a note… or not to add a note… 🤔

Here we go again → LINKEDIN 101!

This time: Should you send a LinkedIn connection invite with a note attached or without?

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We’ve been hearing this myth about LinkedIn over and over again…

That sending connection requests without a note has a higher connection rate (and then you can just message them after they accept).

Let’s debunk this myth:

💀 Worst performing — Connection request with a poorly personalized message (< 5% connection rate)

🤷 Moderately performing — Connection request with no note

🚀  Best performing — Connection request with a hyper-personalized and relevant note (10% — 40% connection rate)
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A poorly personalized message sends alarm bells ringing to the lead. It’s sale-sy, demanding and no fun. At least without a connection, it’s up to the lead to decide if it’s a worthy connection. But then you’re really hiding your true intentions and who knows if you’ll even capture their attention to accept in the first place.

A hyper-personalized and relevant message that is upfront shows the lead that you care about who they are and have done research on how exactly you can help. Yes, they know it’s a sales message but at least they will respect the hustle.

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