Is personalization important in cold outreach?

Mar 12, 2024

“Personalization doesn’t matter.”

A VP of Sales said that to me today 🤨

Here’s the full train of thought → 3% of the market is buying at any given time. As long as we hit them with a relevant message at the right time, it will work and personalization doesn’t matter.

^^^ This may have been true five years ago but here’s why it’s no longer true:

There is an oversaturation in the market. Even if timing is right, a buyer has cold outreaches from multiple sellers.

Which is why….

✨Personalization opens the door for relevancy. ✨

Personalization helps buyers pick out the messages to read and opens the door for consideration. Sellers know this as: open rates, connection rates and response rate. 

Personalization doesn’t guarantee you the call but it does get you 80% closer than anyone else.

PS: If you do personalization right, you'll open doors just like CoolBob SmoothPants here. 😎