Is ChatGPT effective for outreach?

Jan 10, 2024

Can you spot the difference?

For everyone using ChatGPT to write their outreach, check out these two messages 👇👇👇

ChatGPT 🤖
Hi [Prospect’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] — heard you’re a go-getter in [industry]. Our Sales Automation Platform crafts hyper-personalized LinkedIn outreach effortlessly. Ready to revolutionize your strategy? Quick demo?

Cheers,[Your Name]

Vs Rocketbrew 🚀
Hey Dan! Saw your personalized invite for ISC2 LA Chapter — impressive approach!

At Rocketbrew, we supercharge sales by automating hyper-personalized outreach. Imagine funnelling L.A. cyber pros to your events without manual messaging, saving precious time for strategy.

Let’s chat?

Spot the differences?

⭐️ Personalized detail about your lead vs of a generic opener
⭐️ Mention a use case relevant to your lead vs a one size fits all benefit
⭐️ Toned down formality to be more approachable

Instead of templates, Rocketbrewgenerates a message personalized for every single one of your leads ✨ Give us a go if you want to step up your AI outreach strategy!