How to respond to cold outreach when it’s not a yes

Feb 15, 2024

“Thanks”, “I’m not sure”, “Okay”, “Hi Heidi” 😐😐😐

Anyone else getting these responses?

Here’s how I respond:

I’ve seen these lukewarm responses a lot in my cold outreach journey. The lead is interested enough to respond but they’re not exactly jumping on that discovery call. Or they accidentally pressed a button…

Maybe they’re confused? Maybe they’re responding in a rush? Maybe they’re just hitting the automated response?

My go to format to stop the convo from going cold in max 3 sentences:
🌟 Personalize
🌟 Repeat your offering in one line
🌟 Use a specific but soft call to action

Here’s an example response to “I’m not sure” that helped me book a call today:
“Since you’re headed to MFCC in Vegas next month, could be great timing to trial Rocketbrew. Our hyper-personalized messages could increase your event leads, hand-crafting pitches to demo your edge analytics. Want to try it?”

Go get em (on Rocketbrew)! 🚀